Recycled Medals and Mementos: Transforming Perceptions of Plastic Waste

In recent years, the global conversation around plastic waste has taken a transformative turn. As environmental concerns rise, innovative solutions to the plastic problem are being celebrated. One such inspiring example is the creation of recycled medals and mementos, turning what was once considered waste into symbols of achievement and honor. This shift not only changes the perception of plastic waste but also highlights the impactful work of companies like Minus Degre, which are at the forefront of this movement.

The Growing Problem of Plastic Waste

Plastic waste has been a significant environmental issue for decades. With millions of tons of plastic ending up in landfills and oceans annually, the consequences on wildlife, ecosystems, and human health are dire. Traditional recycling methods have struggled to keep pace with the sheer volume of plastic waste produced, prompting the need for innovative solutions that can both reduce waste and create value from it.

The Innovative Concept of Recycled Medals and Mementos

Recycled medals and mementos represent a groundbreaking approach to repurposing plastic waste. By transforming discarded plastic waste into valuable, meaningful items, this concept addresses the waste problem while promoting sustainability. These items are often crafted from recycled materials such as Food containers, toys, refrigerator waste, AC waste, electronic waste and white goods giving a new lease on life to what would otherwise be landfill-bound debris.

100% Recycled Mementos100% Recycled medals

Minus Degre: Redefining Waste through Craftsmanship

Minus Degre, a pioneering recycling company, has taken this innovative concept to new heights. Specializing in transforming waste materials into beautiful, functional products, Minus Degre is changing the way we perceive and handle plastic waste. The company’s mission is to create a circular economy where waste is minimized, and resources are continuously reused.

Crafting Recycled Medals and Mementos

At Minus Degre, the process of creating recycled medals and mementos begins with the collection and sorting of plastic waste. This waste is then cleaned, processed, and transformed into high-quality materials suitable for crafting. Skilled artisans and designers work meticulously to mold these materials into stunning medals and mementos that not only serve as symbols of achievement but also as reminders of the importance of sustainability.

Collaboration with Kuda Bazar: Plogthon Event

In a significant step towards promoting sustainability and community involvement, Minus Degre recently collaborated with Kuda Bazar for an event known as Plogthon. Plogthon, a combination of “plogging” (jogging while picking up litter) and a marathon, is an innovative event aimed at combining fitness with environmental cleanup efforts.

Ecofriendly souvenir Ecofriendly Medals
Sponsorship and Distribution

For the Plogthon event, Minus Degre sponsored and distributed 150 recycled medals and 40 recycled mementos. These items were crafted from recycled plastic, symbolizing both the participants’ efforts in cleaning up the environment and the importance of recycling. The event not only encouraged physical fitness but also raised awareness about plastic waste and the potential for its reuse.


The Impact on Perceptions of Plastic Waste

The work of Minus Degre, especially through events like Plogthon, has a profound impact on how people view plastic waste. These initiatives shift the narrative from waste as a problem to waste as a resource. By showcasing the potential of recycled materials, they inspire individuals and organizations to rethink their consumption and waste habits.

Promoting a Sustainable Future

The creation of recycled medals and mementos is more than just an environmental initiative; it’s a movement towards a sustainable future. It encourages the public to value and support sustainable practices, from reducing single-use plastics to choosing products made from recycled materials. As more people and organizations embrace this mindset, the cumulative effect can lead to significant reductions in plastic waste and a healthier planet.


Recycled medals and mementos are changing the perception of plastic waste by demonstrating its potential to be transformed into something valuable and beautiful. Companies like Minus Degre are leading the way, showcasing the importance of innovative solutions in tackling environmental challenges. Through collaborations like the Plogthon event with Kuda Bazar, Minus Degre highlights the power of community and sustainability working hand in hand. As we continue to recognize the significance of sustainability, the efforts of such pioneers remind us that even the smallest changes can lead to substantial impacts. The journey towards a plastic-free world is long, but with creativity, dedication, and a shift in perception, we can make meaningful strides towards a more sustainable future.

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