8000 coasters in a set of 4 were packed & delivered to the KIA Motors for the Auto Expo 2023. Our state-of-the-art coasters were made from recycled plastic waste, more specifically, from shredded CD flakes.

It served the part of a fun recycling exercise where the enthusiasts put used plastic bottles at one end and received our environmentally-friendly coasters in return.

The whole sustainability movement was inspired by creating a better future for all under #AnInspiringTomorrow.

We saved around 1000kg of plastic waste and contributed largely to the circular economy.

More than 15000 pieces crafted with much love for the planet. We saved around 3000kg of plastic waste that was utilized in this project.

For their home décor SS23 collection, we worked on the sampling of around 15 products out of which 10 were finalized for the final production.

You can check out our creation on the Urban Outfitters website under “Recycle” category.

We collaborated with Desizn Circle to assist in the Diwali gifting initiative taken by them.

Our environmentally-friendly gift box consisted of a candle stand, keyring, and coasters that were beautifully placed inside a wooden box. Over 100 gift boxes and 50 pieces of Ecopots were packed and delivered to Desizn Circle.

Over the course of several weeks, we interacted closely with the company to understand its goals and requirements to develop and execute customized gifting.

Tata motors : Recycled Plastic panels

We have partnered with Tata Motors to contribute to transforming the Auto Vikas Motor showroom interior. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in using environmentally friendly recycled panels for the interior, promoting a green and eco-friendly atmosphere. With the provision of 1800 sqft of our eco-conscious materials, we aim to support the creation of a greener retail showroom. Let’s join forces on the journey towards carbon neutrality and make a positive impact together.

Emerging from the depths of recycled plastic waste, our reimagined base challenges traditional footwear norms. With a marble finish that mirrors life’s unpredictable chaos, its jagged edges symbolize the scars of a well-lived life, narrating a story of resilience and defiance.

In collaboration with Ferrier, a luxury footwear brand, we supply a 100% recycled base, championing the transformation of waste into wonder, and sustainability evolving into an artistic manifesto. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted with love and reverence, encapsulating the authentic essence of artisanal craftsmanship.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Design Tales, we have transformed a kids’ zone into a vibrant haven of wonder. Behold the marvel as we ingeniously repurpose around 500 kg of plastic, breathing life into breathtaking furniture. Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there – each tabletop, shelf, and foldable table is a testament to our dedication to crafting beauty from recycled materials.

Handcrafted with an abundance of love and reverence, these pieces not only embody the raw essence of artisanal craftsmanship but also carry the weight of responsibility. By recycling 500 kg of plastic, we proudly stride towards a carbon-negative impact, turning what was once considered waste into striking, purposeful furnishings. Step into a space where creativity meets conscious living, and let the radiant energy of these unique creations illuminate the joy within.

We partnered with Manjushree for a corporate gifting initiative, creating an eco-friendly gift box featuring coasters, a laptop stand, and potted plants elegantly arranged inside a wooden box. We meticulously packed and delivered more than 100 gift boxes to Manjushree. Throughout several weeks, we engaged in close collaboration with the company, comprehensively understanding its objectives and preferences to tailor and successfully implement the customized gifting program.

Crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, each award is a unique masterpiece aimed at reshaping perceptions of plastic waste.

Welcome to our collaboration with WorkshopQ, where we proudly present custom-made trophies crafted from recycled plastic. These Eco-trophies are crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, each one a unique masterpiece designed to transform perceptions of plastic waste.

As Amit Ray eloquently said, “Earth rejoices in our words, breaths, and peaceful strides. May every breath, every word, and every step fill Mother Earth with pride.” With this sentiment in mind, we celebrate Earth Day 2024 by offering eco-trophies created for EarthDay.Org. Through repurposing 3 kilograms of waste plastics (ABS & PS plastics), we actively contribute to the circular economy, creatively and resourcefully. Join us in making a difference.

In collaboration with Union CoWorks at sukhdev vihar, our eco-panels made from repurposed Amazon and Flipkart courier bags. These innovative panels not only contribute to sustainability efforts but also offer exceptional durability and resistance.

Crafted with termite-proof and waterproof materials, these eco-panels serve as an ideal solution for wall cladding in the co-working space. Not only do they add a touch of eco-consciousness to the environment, but they also showcase the possibilities of transforming waste into functional and aesthetically pleasing products. Join us in spreading awareness and creating greener workspaces with our eco-friendly panels.

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