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Dastoor Collection – an embodiment of evening wear elegance redefined.
Meticulously designed

Join us in our mission to combat plastic waste and promote sustainability in fashion. With 91% of plastic not being recycled, millions of tons end up as litter, polluting our oceans. The Dastoor Collection represents a conscious effort to minimize waste and contribute to a more sustainable fashion landscape.
Crafted with precision and care at @wardanfidindia, the Dastoor Collection redefines evening wear elegance. Each piece exudes sophistication and style, embodying our commitment to sustainable fashion practices.
Partnering with Minus Degre, we incorporate recycled single-use plastic waste into our accessories, showcasing a luxurious yet eco-friendly approach to design. Presented at the prestigious @couture_runway_week, immerse yourself in the pinnacle of refined fashion with the Dastoor Collection.
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